Hasbro Revealed New Peppa Pig Toys That Will Hit Store Shelves This Year

Thursday, March 4th, 2021 7:50 am

Kids will have lots of ways to play with Peppa and her friends.

Toy company Hasbro revealed a new line of toys inspired by the popular children’s series Peppa Pig.

The toys range in price from $19.99 to $59.99, and they’re all recommended for ages 3+. They’ll hit store shelves on August 1. Here’s a look at what’s coming soon.

Source: Hasbro

Peppa’s Adventures: Peppa’s Family Motorhome
Price: $49.99

This electronic motorhome is two toys in one. It starts out as a vehicle that kids can roll around, but it can also be opened up so kids can have fun with the toys inside the RV. Plus, kids can press the steering wheel to hear music and sounds from the Peppa Pig show. This motorhome toy set includes four 3” figures (Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy), as well as 15 accessories. These items can be stored inside the motorhome when it’s not in use.

Source: Hasbro

Peppa’s Adventures: Playtime to Bedtime House
Price: $59.99

This electronic, five-room playhouse is inspired by the house in the Peppa Pig series. It features a dial that players can turn to move the house between daytime and nighttime modes, and the house features sounds, phrases, and lighting features to match these modes. The Playtime to Bedtime House comes with three, 3” figures (Peppa, George, and Suzy Sheep) and 13 accessories. In the U.S., the Peppa’s Adventures: Playtime to Bedtime House will be available exclusively at Target.

Source: Hasbro

Peppa’s Adventures: Peppa’s School Playgroup
Price: $34.99

The Peppa’s School Playgroup playset is inspired by the schoolhouse seen in the Peppa Pig animated series. Kids can move the hands on the school’s clock, as well as turn a dial that changes the lesson that appears on the school’s chalkboard. It includes three, 3” figures (Peppa, Mandy Mouse, and Madame Gazelle) and nine accessories. Finally, this playset includes a stage that can hold any of the 3” figures. Once kids place a figure on the stage, they can turn a dial to make the figure move.

Source: Hasbro

Peppa’s Adventures: Ice Cream Truck
Price: $19.99

This toy set features an ice cream truck vehicle that kids can roll around. They can also press the truck’s steering wheel to hear sounds from the animated series. This set includes a Peppa Pig figure and a sundae accessory.

Source: Hasbro

Peppa’s Adventures: Oink-Along Songs Peppa Singing Plush Doll
Price: $19.99

This 11-inch Peppa Pig plushie can oink, giggle, sing three songs, and say three phrases from the television show. It also includes a microphone accessory to go along with the singing theme.

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