Funko FunKon 2021: Everything We Know So Far

Monday, June 28th, 2021 8:34 am

The convention will combine virtual and real-world festivities.

Funko’s next virtual convention is called FunKon 2021, and it will run from August 4-6, 2021.

Rather than being an entirely virtual event, FunKon 2021 will combine virtual content with real-world festivities at Funko Hollywood, the company’s store in Los Angeles, California. FunKon 2021 will feature livestreams, product reveals, giveaways, and more. As with its previous conventions, Funko will release exclusive FunKon products during this event, which will be revealed on Funko’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages on July 12. Exclusive Loungefly products will also be revealed during the week of July 12.

Finally, Funko will hold a Fundays Event during FunKon 2021. This competitive event will allow four teams to virtually participate in challenges.

Pre-registration for the in-person portion of FunKon 2021 will open on July 1 at 10 a.m. PT. Registrations will be available on a first come, first served basis, and there will be a limited capacity for the event.

Fans who attend FunKon 2021 in person at Funko Hollywood will have a limited amount of time to shop inside the store, where some of the FunKon exclusive products will be available to purchase (though they may sell out).

In a blog post, Funko explained how this will work:

“Please note that confirmed tickets to FunKon guarantees entry into Funko Hollywood during FunKon but does not guarantee FunKon product availability for purchasing. Not every FunKon product will be available at the brick-and-mortar Funko retail locations (details to come), although all Funko shared FunKon exclusives will have units available each day. Daily product availability is on a first come, first served basis, as per usual convention protocol. Please note limited quantities of the FunKon Funko and Shared exclusives will be available on for purchase via lottery on August 4th.

“Funko Hollywood entry on August 4th, 5th or 6th will be divided into 8 waves, attendees of the first 7 waves of each day will have 90 minutes to shop inside Funko Hollywood. The last wave of entry for each day will only have 60 minutes of shopping time inside Funko Hollywood. Each wave will have a limited capacity, and wristbands will be required for entry. There will be no standby or loitering allowed.”

You can learn more about FunKon pre-registration on Funko’s website.

Keep checking back with SuperParent, as we’ll bring you more details about Funko’s FunKon exclusives once they’re revealed!

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