Fashion Fidgets Combine Collectible Dolls With Fidget Toys

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 8:43 am

There are 18 dolls to collect in Series 1.

Toy company WowWee released its new line of Fashion Fidgets toys, which combine elements from collectible dolls with fidget toys, like fidget spinners and poppers.

We had the chance to go hands-on with some of the Fashion Fidgets toys.

Series 1 of the Fashion Fidgets line has 18 dolls to collect. The dolls are sold in mystery boxes, meaning you won’t know which doll you’ll receive until you open the box. Each Fashion Fidgets doll has at least three fidget features, while “rarer” dolls have four or more.

For instance, the “Fancy Nancy” doll has popper hair, clicking, spinning gears on the sides of her skirt, and cheeks that can be “clicked” like buttons, while the “Street Style Sally” doll has a spinning popper skirt, stretchy hair, a spinning hair bow, and cheeks that can be clicked like buttons.

Each Fashion Fidgets doll also comes with a heart clip that will allow you to attach the toy to something like a backpack.

For the most part, the fidget elements seem pretty sturdy, which means they should hold up well to lots of playtime. However, one of the pieces of stretchy hair on the Street Style Sally doll fell off quickly after we unboxed the doll, and when we put the other piece of stretchy hair to the test, we were able to remove it as well. Kids (and adults) should be careful with that particular fidget element.

Fashion Fidgets are now available for $9.99 each. They’re available at stores like Amazon and Walmart, among others (Walmart sells a single Fashion Fidget for $9.97). Each Fashion Fidgets doll has an age rating of 5+.

Disclosure: SuperParent received three Fashion Fidgets mystery boxes for coverage purposes.

Editor’s note (08/10/2022): This article has been updated with the age rating for the Fashion Fidget dolls.

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