Dragon Quest Tact: A SuperParent First Look

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 8:41 am

Create a team of monsters and defeat the darkness in this free-to-play mobile game.

Dragon Quest Tact is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) set in the popular Dragon Quest universe. The game challenges players to collect a team of monsters and defeat enemies to clear darkness from the in-game world.

Dragon Quest Tact features a number of different gameplay modes, including a story mode, events, training quests, and more. At the beginning of the game, players only have access to the story mode, but they’ll unlock additional modes and features by progressing through the story.

Battles in Dragon Quest Tact are turn-based and take place on a grid. On each turn, players can tap on squares to tell their units to move around the battlefield, and/or tap on enemies to attack them. Your units also have special abilities that you can activate by tapping their icons.

As you win battles, your units will earn experience points and level up, which causes them to become stronger over time. Plus, you can collect items that can be used to instantly level up your characters in between battles. While you start with a single monster in your collection, you can recruit more for free as you play.

Finally, once you reach a certain point in the game’s story mode, you’ll unlock a “Scout” feature that allows you to spend premium currency to instantly recruit new monsters for your collection.

Dragon Quest Tact is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. The game is rated 4+ on iOS and E10+ for Everyone 10+ on Android. While Dragon Quest Tact is family-friendly, the game’s dialog is presented through text, rather than voice acting, so players need to know how to read.

Check out 12 minutes of Dragon Quest Tact gameplay in our video below.

Brandy Berthelson

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