Dr. Mario World: A SuperParent First Look

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 7:52 am

Help Mario and the gang defeat viruses in this match-three mobile puzzle game.

The first Dr. Mario game was released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It asked players to help Mario, who was dressed as a doctor, eliminate colorful viruses by matching them with pills of the same color. Multiple Dr. Mario games have been released over the years, with the latest game, Dr. Mario World, launching this week on mobile devices.

While traditional Dr. Mario games focus on fast-paced gameplay, requiring players to quickly make matches with capsules that automatically fall from the top of the screen (think Tetris), Dr. Mario World slows things down, allowing players to plan each move before they make it (at least during single-player levels).

In each level, players must eliminate all of the viruses that are in a formation at the top of the screen. Viruses come in three colors (red, yellow, and blue), and players will need to create a line of three-or-more matching “pieces” (a combination of viruses and capsules) to remove a virus from the screen. Capsules come in two halves, so players can use only one side of a capsule in a match, leaving the other piece behind. Matches can be made using horizontal or vertical lines.

Players have a limited number of capsules to use on each stage. If they run out before removing all of the viruses from the screen, they’ll have to try the stage again or spend premium currency to continue playing.

Aspiring doctors also have access to a variety of special items and power-ups that can help them complete stages. For instance, some stages may contain bombs or shells that players can activate to clear groups of viruses from the board. Other boosters can be activated before or during a level (these can be purchased using in-game coins or premium currency). As an example, a hammer allows players to remove one chosen symbol from the board.

Each doctor also has a special skill to help players. For instance, Dr. Mario’s skill removes all of the symbols in the lowest row on the play area (not including obstacle blocks that get in players’ way).

Once players finish level 20, they’ll unlock a variety of additional features. For one, players will unlock their first “assistant,” or secondary character that will affect their gameplay in a specific way. For instance, Goomba will increase their score in each level by 1 percent. Players can take two assistants into each stage, and they’ll receive one assistant for free. Additional doctors and assistants can be unlocked in the game’s “Staffing” feature using either free or premium currency.

In addition, after finishing level 20, players will unlock the game’s friends feature, allowing them to add friends and send them in-game hearts (used to play stages).

Finally, clearing level 20 will unlock the game’s Versus mode, which lets players compete against other players around the world in real-time virus-busting battles.

Dr. Mario World is available to download for free on iOS devices, and is expected to launch on Android on July 10. The game is rated 4+ on iOS and E for Everyone on Android.

Check out the first 13 minutes of Dr. Mario World on iOS in our SuperParent First Look below to see the game in action.

Brandy Berthelson

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