Disney Around the World Tabletop Game Review

Thursday, April 11th, 2024 3:59 pm

Travel to Disney-themed lands in a hot air balloon in this simple tabletop game.

In 2023, Ravensburger, the company behind tabletop games like Disney Villainous and Rainy Ranch, released Disney Around the World, a tabletop game for younger players inspired by a variety of Disney films and characters.

We had the chance to check out Disney Around the World.

What is this game? What’s it about?

Disney Around the World is a family-friendly tabletop game for 2-4 players with a recommended age of 4+. The game allows each player to move their hot air balloon token around six Disney-themed lands with the goal of being the first to collect a stamp for their passport from four of the six lands. Each game has an expected play time of 15 minutes.

The components from the Disney Around the World tabletop game are set up to appear as though four people are playing the game
Source: Ravensburger

How do you play this game?

Disney Around the World features a large circular game board with six sections representing six Disney films and film franchises: Frozen, Cars, Aladdin, Toy Story, Moana, and Alice in Wonderland. Each section has spaces inspired by characters from the films. Before the game begins, six or more of the game’s stamp tokens are drawn randomly and placed on their corresponding spaces on the board (the number of Stamp tokens is determined by the number of players).

On each turn, players will roll a custom die and complete an action depending on the result of the roll.

If the die shows a number from 1-4, players can move their hot air balloon token up to the matching number of spaces around the board. If players pass over or reach a space with a stamp token, they can collect it for their passport card. Players will also be able to add a new stamp token to the board from the random draw bag.

Closeup view of a portion of the game board, as well as some stamp tokens, from the Disney Around the World tabletop game
Source: Ravensburger

If the die shows the wind symbol, the wind token on the board is moved one section around the board clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the direction the arrow on the token is facing. If any hot air balloons are in the section the wind token moves to, they’re blown away by the wind into the next section (the hot air balloon will also move in the same direction the wind is facing).

Finally, if the die shows the sun symbol, players will draw a sun card and complete an action determined by the symbol on the back of the card. These sun cards may give players the option to move to a specific section of the board, change the wind’s direction, or move to any desired section on the board.

Players can only collect a single stamp token from each land for their passport card, which adds some light strategy to the experience, since players can decide which direction they want to move on each turn (clockwise or counterclockwise) in order to reach the next stamp token they can actually collect. This may also determine the choices players make when they draw specific sun cards.

The first player to collect a stamp token from four different lands wins the game.

The back of the box of the Disney Around the World tabletop game
Source: Ravensburger

Is this game fun to play? What’s the verdict?

Disney Around the World is a simple game that’s easy to learn and teach to new players. While rolling a die means the game focuses heavily on randomness and “luck,” the experience also gives littles (and adults) the chance to practice their strategic thinking skills by offering multiple opportunities for players to make choices about how they’ll move their hot air balloon around the board.

While the game may be too simple for older children or adult players to enjoy on their own, we expect younger players and families will enjoy the experience of moving their hot air balloons around areas filled with familiar characters and artwork.

If your family is looking for a simple tabletop game that takes little time to set up and play, give this one a look!

Disney Around the World is now available for $24.99 on Ravensburger’s website. The game is currently available on Amazon for $18.07.

Disclosure: SuperParent received Disney Around the World for coverage purposes.

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