D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Was Designed With New Players in Mind

Thursday, August 18th, 2022 8:39 am

The starter set comes with five pre-made characters and more.

Wizards of the Coast recently released the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, which contains everything players need to embark on a role-playing adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).

The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is for 2-6 players with a recommended age of 12+. The game was designed to be a good starting point for players who have never tried the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

The Starter Set includes a 48-page adventure book that will guide groups through the game’s story, as well as a 32-page rulebook designed for beginner characters (levels 1-3). The set also includes five pre-made characters and six polyhedral dice.

Each of the pre-made characters is featured on a character sheet that has information about the character’s race, class, alignment, and more. Even though the game’s characters have already been made for players, each player can still customize their chosen character by choosing their name and gender, among other features.

Meanwhile, the rulebook contains helpful information for groups who may be trying D&D for the first time. For instance, it describes the role of the Dungeon Master (DM), who will run the adventure for the group. It also features a glossary of regularly-used terms.

In addition to the physical rulebook that comes with the starter set, Wizards of the Coast has created a series of videos that can help players learn more about playing the Dragons of Stormwreck Isle adventure, as well as playing D&D in general. You can watch these videos on the Dungeons & Dragons website.

In a press release, D&D Team product manager, Natalie Egan, commented on this Starter Set:

“From the inception of this product, we really had one major goal of creating an introductory experience that was suitable for folks playing and Dungeon Mastering for the very first time. With the streamlined rulebook, ready-to-play characters, easy-to-prep adventure, along with all the additional learn-to-play resources specific to this set, we’re making onboarding new players easier than ever!”

The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is now available exclusively at Target in North America for $19.99. It will be released at retailers worldwide on October 4, 2022.

You can learn more about the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle on the Dungeons & Dragons website.

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Disclosure: SuperParent received the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle for coverage purposes.

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