Crayola Create and Play+ Is Out Now on Apple Arcade

Friday, October 29th, 2021 7:19 am

This new version of the game doesn't contain in-game purchases.

Crayola Create and Play+ has launched on Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription service that gives subscribers unlimited access to a curated selection of games for a single monthly price. (You can learn more about Apple Arcade in our guide to the service.)

While the original Crayola Create and Play application offers a monthly subscription, Crayola Create and Play+ doesn’t, which means littles can try everything the game has to offer so long as their family has an Apple Arcade subscription. (To be especilaly clear, Crayola Create and Play+ isn’t replacing the original Crayola Create and Play application, and the original game is still available to download on mobile devices.)

Source: Apple

Crayola Create and Play+ features lots of activities for kids, including coloring pages, tracing pages, a color garden where they can grow and care for plants, a color mixing station, arcade games, a shape-matching game, a spelling game, and more. They can also interact with virtual pets by dressing them up, feeding them, and so on.

As kids complete activities, they’ll fill a reward bar at the top of the screen. Each time this bar fills up, kids can open a treasure chest containing more in-game content. For instance, the first time we opened a treasure chest, we received an egg containing a new virtual pet. When kids collect a new pet egg, they can choose a color for the egg and even doodle on the shell to determine what the pet will look like once it hatches.

Source: Apple

In addition to these activities for kids, Crayola Create and Play+ offers a separate parent section where parents and guardians can read answers to frequently asked questions, change a few app settings (like turning off the game’s music or sound effects), and more.

Finally, Crayola Create and Play+ will be updated with additional content going forward, including seasonal content, new activities, and more.

Crayola Create and Play+ is now available to download on Apple Arcade. The game has an age rating of 4+.

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