Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game Review

Thursday, December 7th, 2023 5:09 pm

Earn as many points as possible in this push-your-luck tabletop game.

Funko Games, the company behind tabletop games like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Snowstorm Scramble and Funkoverse, recently released the Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game, a tabletop game inspired by the polar bears seen in Coca-Cola advertisements.

We had the chance to check out the Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game.

What is this game? What’s it about?

The Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game is a “push-your-luck” tabletop game for 2-6 players with a recommended age of 13+. The game challenges players to be the first to score 100 points by rolling two polar bear-shaped “dice” and collecting point tiles based on how the dice land.

The Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game has an expected play time of 15 minutes.

Source: Funko Games

How do you play this game?

The Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game features 13 double-sided tiles worth varying numbers of points. Each tile features a picture of one or both of the polar bear-shaped dice in a specific orientation, like standing on their “feet” or laying “face down,” as examples.

On a player’s turn, they’ll flip over one of the tiles to reveal its “nighttime” side, which makes it worth more points. Then, they’ll roll the polar bear dice and will search for the tile(s) that match the orientation of the dice.

Based on how the dice land, players may be able to collect one or two matching tiles, giving them the corresponding number of points. Then, they’ll need to decide if they want to roll again to potentially earn more points or stop playing to add the points they’ve collected to their overall total.

If players take the chance and roll the dice again, they may be able to collect more tiles (and therefore collect more points), based on how the dice land. So long as players can collect at least one tile after they roll the dice, they’ll have the option to continue rolling the dice for a chance to collect more tiles.

However, if players can’t claim a tile after they’ve rolled the dice, they’re “Frozen Out,” which ends their turn and causes them to lose any points they’ve collected on that turn (the points they’ve collected on previous turns won’t be lost).

At the end of a player’s turn, all of the collected tiles are returned to the center of the gameplay area. If the player successfully scored points by collecting a tile showing its “nighttime” side, this tile is flipped back over before the next player can take a turn. If the player was “Frozen Out,” the nighttime side showing on any tiles will remain visible, giving the next player the chance to collect them.

Source: Funko Games

Is this game fun to play?

The Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game sounds complicated in writing, but in practice, the game is quite simple and offers a quick, enjoyable experience for families with older children and teens.

While the polar bear dice are uniquely shaped, we appreciated the fact that each tile features a shadow under the polar bear(s) to help players determine which real-world orientation matches each tile.

Finally, while the game’s age recommendation is 13+, this seems quite high, and we feel the game can be enjoyed by even younger players, around 10+.

What’s the final verdict?

The Cola-Colar Polar Rollers Game focuses more on chance than skill, and it serves as a nice introduction to the “push-your-luck” concept. If you’re looking for a game with simple rules and a short play time, this is a good option.

The Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game is now available for $8.99. 

Disclosure: SuperParent received the Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game for coverage purposes.

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