Clash of Clans Developer Partners With Internet Matters to Help Kids Stay Safe Online

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 7:51 am

The two organizations will give families access to resources and advice.

Supercell, the maker of popular free-to-play mobile games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, has partnered with Internet Matters (a not-for-profit organization) on its mission to improve child online safety.

With this partnership, the two organizations will work together to provide parents with advice and resources that can help them keep their kids safe while playing online games.

Jessica Hollmeier, Anti-Fraud and User Safety Lead at Supercell, gave SuperParent a bit more detail about how this information will be shared:

“[Internet Matters] is working on a dedicated landing page which we will then integrate into our own website. Since we are a global company with players around the world, it was important to us that the resources are available in more languages than just English. To begin with, we agreed to localize existing and any newly created resources into Mandarin, French, Spanish, and German.”

Hollmeier said Supercell will occasionally promote these resources through its channels.

Hollmeier added, “Additionally, we are looking for effective channels to promote resources to the parents of our players, as they might not be following the same channels as our players do.”

Hollmeier explained what inspired the game developer to join forces with Internet Matters:

“Our games connect millions of players across the globe each day. We consider it our responsibility to make sure our games are safe — which is why we invest greatly in technology for profanity filtering and such.

Additionally we want to ensure that parents who seek information on how to keep their children safe have access to the best information available. Rather than creating yet another set of resources on our own and therefore adding to the abundance of information already out there, we decided to work with a specialist in the field and Internet Matters was our first choice for this.”

The Internet Matters website contains a variety of resources that can help educate parents and caregivers about topics like inappropriate online content and cyberbullying, among others. For even more tips and advice, check out our own guide of tips for how to keep your kids in online games.

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