Check Out Pokemon Center’s Halloween Collection for 2022

Friday, September 2nd, 2022 9:24 am

There are lots of spooky items available to purchase.

The Pokemon Center released its Halloween collection for 2022.

This year’s collection features a spooky assortment of Halloween-themed stuffed animals, plush keychains, clothing, a few decor items, and more.

Some of our favorite items from this year’s collection are the 8-inch “Spooky Festival” Pikachu plush for $24.99 and the “Spooky Festival” plush keychain of Vulpix for $15.99.

Some of the other highlights in this collection include the Gengar-themed “Sweet Temptations Ceramic Bowl” that can hold your Halloween candy and other goodies, a Pikachu & Friends “Sweet Temptations” playmat for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon TCG), and the “Gengar & Spooky Friends” unisex t-shirt that features artwork of Gengar and other spooky Pokemon. All three of these items are priced at $24.99 each.

Head over to Pokemon Center’s website to view all of the items in this year’s Halloween collection.

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Brandy Berthelson

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