Check Out Lego’s Transforming Question Mark Block Inspired by Super Mario 64

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 9:08 am

It's too cool!

Nintendo and The Lego Group revealed a cool new Lego building kit inspired by the worlds in Super Mario 64, the Super Mario video game released on Nintendo 64 in 1996 (it was later released on Switch as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection in 2020).

The Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block Lego kit contains 2,064 pieces. It allows fans to create a large yellow question mark block, like those seen in the Super Mario video games, but it has a secret inside. Fans can open the block and pull out a set of connected Lego builds inspired by different areas in the Super Mario 64 video game, like Peach’s Castle and Cool, Cool Mountain.

The kit also comes with 10 Super Mario-themed “microfigures” inspired by characters such as Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and a Chain Chomp. These “microfigures” are smaller than Lego’s “minifigures,” and they have less details, though the characters are still recognizable.

As spotted by Twitter user Wario64, the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block kit is now available to pre-order on Lego’s website for $169.99. It will be released on October 1, 2021.

The kit has an age rating of 18+, but adults can build the kit alongside kids as a fun, family-friendly activity.

You can learn more about the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block on Lego’s website.

Brandy Berthelson

Brandy Berthelson has been writing about video games and technology since 2006, with her work appearing on sites including AOL Games, Digital Spy, and Adweek. When she’s not gaming, Brandy enjoys crafting, baking, and traveling with her husband.

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