Check Out Funko’s New Winnie the Pooh Pops

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 7:49 am

We take a look at two new retailer exclusives.

Pop culture collectible company Funko has released new vinyl Pop figures inspired by the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh.

We had the chance to check out the “Bedtime Pooh Bear” figure, which is a BoxLunch exclusive, as well as the “Honey Pot Pooh Bear” figure, which is exclusive to Hot Topic.

The Bedtime Pooh Bear figure features Pooh in a seated position. He’s wearing blue pajamas and a blue nightcap, and he’s holding a red storybook. This figure is shorter than some other Pop figures, since Pooh is sitting, rather than standing. It measures around 3.5 inches tall, when measured from the bottom of the figure to the top of Pooh’s cap. Unlike the heads on many other Pop figures, the head on the Bedtime Pooh figure does not turn.

Source: Funko

Meanwhile, the Honey Pot Pooh Bear figure features Pooh standing in a pot of “Hunny,” with two adorable bees on the outside of the pot. Pooh’s head can be rotated in a 360 degree circle, so you can make the figure look in a different direction if you display the figure outside of the box. This figure measures roughly 3.75 inches tall when measured from the bottom of the honey pot to the tops of Pooh’s ears.

Source: Funko

The Bedtime Pooh Bear figure is now available on BoxLunch’s website for $14.90. The Honey Pot Pooh Bear figure can be purchased on Hot Topic’s website for $14.90.

Disclosure: SuperParent received the Bedtime Pooh Bear and Honey Pot Pooh Bear figures for coverage purposes.

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