Build-A-Bear Workshop Has New Plushies Based on Trolls World Tour

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 8:35 am

You can buy them on their own or in a variety of gift sets.

While Build-A-Bear Workshop’s real-world stores may be temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s online store is still up and running, and it even has new plushies to purchase based on the DreamWorks film Trolls World Tour.

You can pick up full size stuffed dolls inspired by Poppy and Branch for $29 each, while a smaller Tiny Diamond stuffed doll costs $10. Both Poppy and Branch are 15 inches tall, and they’re designed to look like they’re wearing a bit of clothing even before you add any extra outfits.

Meanwhile, the Tiny Diamond plush isn’t wearing clothes, but it does come with a sound module inside that lets the plush play Tiny’s rap song.

If you want to pick up the Poppy and Branch dolls along with some clothing and accessories, there are a number of gift sets available to choose from.

For instance, this Poppy Gift Set costs $42.50, and it includes the stuffed Poppy doll as well as Poppy’s two-piece Blue Dress (it has the dress plus a floral headband). Or, you can pick up the Branch Gift Set for $41.50. It includes the Branch stuffed doll, as well as a two-piece Branch Outfit (it comes with shorts and a vest). There are even gift sets that include sound modules that will be placed inside the dolls so they can make sounds.

Finally, as usual, you can buy the Trolls-inspired clothing items on their own if you want to dress up any stuffed animals you already have in your collection. For instance, the Poppy Blue Dress set costs $13.50, while the Branch Outfit costs $12.50.

Head over to Build-A-Bear’s website to see all of the items that are available.

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