Build-A-Bear Now Sells an Adorable Bear Version of The Mandalorian

Monday, November 2nd, 2020 8:56 am

You can pick it up along with 'The Child.'

Earlier this year, Build-A-Bear Workshop launched an adorable plushie of The Child (or Baby Yoda), inspired by the television series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Now, the company has expanded its line of The Mandalorian merchandise with a new bear inspired by the show’s main character.

Rather than being sold in stores, the new Mandalorian bear bundle is only available online. It costs $48.

The Mandalorian Bundle includes the 16-inch Mandalorian plushie and a sound module of “The Mandalorian Theme Song,” which will be placed inside the bear so it can make noise. The Mandalorian bear itself comes fully dressed, and it also includes a plush version of the character’s weapon to complete the look.

Going forward, Build-A-Bear will release at least one more product inspired by The Mandalorian television show. Specifically, you’ll soon be able to purchase a plush version of the hover pram that The Child rides around in, which will be big enough to fit Build-A-Bear’s plushie of The Child, if your family already owns it. The pram will only be available online, and it will be priced at $35.

The Build-A-Bear website doesn’t list a release date for the pram, but you can sign up for email updates to be notified once it’s available.

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Brandy Berthelson

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