Another Reason Your Kids Will Want to Play Pokemon Go This Week

Monday, March 26th, 2018 12:24 pm

Huge new update brings story-driven quests and a new Pokemon.

The season of Pokemon Go is upon us. Last week, the game released its spring-themed Eggstravaganza special event, and later this week, the game will be rolling out new story-driven missions designed to get your kids (or you) back outside and back to the business of collecting Pokemon, and maybe a new Mythical Pokemon named Mew.

So, what’s this Pokemon Go update about?
This update unlocks a story, and will allow players to complete different tasks to drive the story forward, as well as receive a variety of in-game rewards.

How will we know when it starts?
Professor Willow will appear in the game and ask trainers for their help in determining whether a series of mysterious happenings are connected to the Mythical Pokemon Mew (hint: they probably are).

And the update will require us to do … research?
Yes, research, which is another name for the new in-game quests. Players can help Professor Willow by completing two types of research — field research and special research. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Field Research

  • Players will be able to receive Field Research tasks by visiting and spinning PokeStops.
  • Each Field Research Task will ask players to complete a specific objective, such as “capture a Dragon-type Pokemon” or “win three Gym battles.”
  • Players can complete more than one Field Research task each day, with harder tasks offering greater rewards.
  • Complete at least one Field Research task a day to receive a special Stamp. Collect seven Stamps, and receive high-powered rewards and a chance to capture a rare Legendary Pokemon.

Special Research

  • Special Research tasks will be story-driven activities delivered by Professor Willow.
  • Trainers will receive Special Research tasks as they complete in-game objectives.
  • While the details surrounding these tasks are scarce, they will — per the game developer — “take you on a journey to make important discoveries!”

This update is coming soon, so collect as many Poke Balls and battle items as you can before these “mysterious happenings” start happening to you. 

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