Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Valentine’s Day 2021: Best-Friend Bouquet, Gifts, and More

Monday, February 8th, 2021 8:49 am

Who will you give the Best-Friend Bouquet to?

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is celebrating with a variety of in-game festivities.

First, every player has received a “Best-Friend Bouquet” that they can give to one (and only one) animal friend. This is similar to items like the “Best-Friend Confection” and the “Harvest Fest Invitation,” which you could also give to one animal pal.

You can give the Best-Friend Bouquet to any animal at your campsite or cabin, and you’ll see a fun cutscene when you do. The animal friend will also give you a “Box of Chocolates” in exchange, which you can interact with at your campsite or cabin to read a note from that villager.

To see how this process works, check out our video below to see what it looks like when you give the Best-Friend Bouquet to Flurry!

You have until February 28 at 12:59 a.m. to give this Best-Friend Bouquet to one of your animal friends. If you don’t give the item to a friend by that time, the Best-Friend Bouquet will disappear from your inventory and you won’t be able to give it away.

This year’s Valentine’s Day event also features new stamps you can use as “reactions” on your friends’ photos, themed Valentine’s Day gifts you can send to your in-game friends (they contain a variety of cupcakes), and new poses for the game’s animals.

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