Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Furniture & Fashion Plan, Clothing Previews, and More

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 8:33 am

A major update changed one of the game's premium subscription plans.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp recently received a major in-game update, which added a new feature to one of the game’s premium subscription plans, and also introduced lots of “quality of life” improvements.

First, the game’s Cookie & Depot Plan has been changed into the “Furniture & Fashion Plan.” This plan still includes everything that was found in the original Cookie & Depot Plan (access to warehouses and five Fortune Cookies per month), but it also comes with the ability to save up to five furniture layouts for easy access in the future.

Specifically, with this Furniture & Fashion Plan, you can now decorate a room exactly the way you want it, and then save that layout for future use. For instance, if you decorate a room for spring, and then change the room to match a fall theme later on, you can change back to the spring layout without pulling each item out of storage one-by-one.

The Furniture & Fashion Plan costs $7.99 per month. While it comes with some fun features, it’s still an optional purchase, and players don’t have to subscribe to keep playing the game.

Elsewhere, this newest update added the ability to preview clothing and furniture items before you craft them. For instance, if you’re interested in a premium outfit, but you want to see how it looks on your character (or an animal friend) before spending Leaf Tickets on it, you can now do so. Check out the screenshot below to see this feature in action.

Source: SuperParent

Next, the Blathers’ Treasure Trek feature has been updated. It now allows you to automatically complete maps using each map’s required resource, rather than taking the time to roll the di to clear each map manually. As an example of how this works, if you choose a map that requires you to spend 15 Friend Powders on each roll of the di, you can now tell Blathers to “auto-trek” through the map, and he’ll spend the required Friend Powders to do so instantly. You’ll see you’ll how many resources you spent, and the item(s) you received, on a results screen like the one in the screenshot below.

Source: SuperParent

Finally, you can now take “Fave Photos” at the marketplace and the game’s four “recreation spots,” and more “Normal” classes have been added to the Happy Homeroom feature for you to complete.

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