Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Check Out Isabelle’s Leisure Tree

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 7:16 am

Preview the item in our video before spending any Leaf Tickets.

Over the years, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players have had the opportunity to purchase all sorts of premium items using Leaf Tickets, the equivalent of real money. From clothing items to Fortune Cookies (mystery boxes), there are plenty of ways to spend a bit of cash to update your gameplay experience.

One of the game’s newest items allows you to bring Isabelle to your campsite, where you can interact with her whenever you want.

Isabelle’s Leisure Tree costs 300 Leaf Tickets, and it can be crafted instantly, without any waiting time.

The tree itself is quite large, and after you place it in your campsite or cabin, you’ll see Isabelle sitting on the ground, leaning against the trunk with some food and papers nearby. You can tap on Isabelle to load a short conversation with her.

You can tap on Isabelle multiple times to see different dialog, though if you tap enough times, you’ll likely see some repeat conversations.

Since 300 Leaf Tickets is a lot to spend on a single item (around $12, if you buy Leaf Tickets at their normal price), you may be on the fence about whether or not to buy this item. To help you out, we’ve purchased Isabelle’s Leisure Tree and have recorded a gameplay clip showing the item in action, which you can check out below. That way, you can better decide if this is something you really want to purchase before spending the Leaf Tickets.

Did you buy Isabelle’s Leisure Tree in your game? Let us know what you think of the item in the comments, or tweet us at @superparenthq.

Brandy Berthelson

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