Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Adds Sou Sou Clothing Collection

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 9:34 am

You can dress your character and animal friends in a variety of premium fashions.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched a crossover event with clothing company SOU・SOU, which will allow you to spend Leaf Tickets (real money) on a variety of SOU・SOU-inspired yukata and accessories for your avatar and animal friends to wear.

There are 19 different items in the SOU・SOU collection. Here’s the full list, along with each item’s cost.

  • SO-SU-U Umbrella – 180 Leaf Tickets
  • SO-SU-U Purse – 160 Leaf Tickets
  • Chrysanthemum Purse – 160 Leaf Tickets
  • Daily-Pleasures Purse – 160 Leaf Tickets
  • Purple-Hairpin Wig – 120 Leaf Tickets
  • Monochrome-Hairpin Wig – 120 Leaf Tickets
  • Red-Hairpin Wig – 120 Leaf Tickets
  • Chrysanthemum Yukata – 220 Leaf Tickets
  • Pretty Yukata – 120 Leaf Tickets
  • Gold-Damask Yukata – 220 Leaf Tickets
  • Dahlia Yukata – 220 Leaf Tickets
  • Tender Yukata – 220 Leaf Tickets
  • Window-Frame Yukata – 200 Leaf Tickets
  • Tin-Ice Yukata – 200 Leaf Tickets
  • Haze Yukata – 200 Leaf Tickets
  • Text Yukata – 200 Leaf Tickets
  • Navy Darkwood Geta – 40 Leaf Tickets
  • Sky-Blue Lightwood Geta – 40 Leaf Tickets
  • Rogue Darkwood Geta – 40 Leaf Tickets

Keep in mind that you have the ability to preview these items on your avatar and an animal friend before purchasing them, so you can see exactly how they’ll look before spending money. Just note that animals can’t wear wigs or shoes, so those items are only for your own character.

Source: SuperParent

The items in this SOU・SOU collection will be available to craft for the next 39 days.

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