Animal Crossing New Horizons: Video Game Outfit Design Codes

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 10:40 am

Pokemon, Mario, and much more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows users to create custom designs that can be used as clothing, wall art, and much more. These custom designs can be shared with other players through special Design Codes that can be entered in the Custom Designs Portal in the Able Sisters shop.

Keep in mind that these Design Codes are different from the QR codes that were created in previous Animal Crossing titles, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

We’ve already shared a variety of video game-themed (and movie-themed) QR codes for you to scan into your New Horizons game, but here are some video game-themed Design Codes for you to enter as well (we’ll add more over time, so keep checking back). To learn how to use these Design Codes, check out our guide!

Have fun!

Marnie Coat (Pokemon)

Mimikyu Cap and Coat (Pokemon)

Mimikyu Sweater (Pokemon)

Red’s Cap and Jacket (Pokemon)

Ash’s Cap and Jacket (Pokemon)

Gengar-Themed Letterman Jacket (Pokemon)

Charmander-Themed Hoodie (Pokemon)

Mudkip-Themed Dress (Pokemon)

Bulbasaur-Themed Outfit (Pokemon)

Ho-Oh-Themed Dress (Pokemon)

Totodile-Themed Hoodie (Pokemon)

Empoleon-Themed Hoodie (Pokemon)

Switch-Themed Hoodies (Multiple Designs)

Animal Crossing Switch Hoodie

Princess Peach Dress (Super Mario) – Pictured above

Daisy Dress (Super Mario)

Rosalina Dress (Super Mario)

Link’s Tunic (Breath of the Wild)

Isabelle’s Dress (Animal Crossing)

Blathers Hoodie (Animal Crossing)

Blathers Dress (Animal Crossing)

Shovel Knight-Themed Cloaks, Armor, and Tunic

Terry Bogard Top (Fatal Fury)

Alucard Coat (Castlevania)

Frederick Coat (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Chrom Coat (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Marth (Fire Emblem)

Galaga T-Shirt

Tidus Coat (Final Fantasy X)

Yuna Robe (Final Fantasy X)

Sora Hoodie (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora Hoodie 2 (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora Hoodie 3 (Kingdom Hearts)

Mega Man T-Shirt

Mega Man Helmet and Suit

D.Va Dress (Overwatch)

Hello Neighbor Sweater, Dresses, and T-Shirt

Samus Cap (Metroid)

Kirby Cap

Phoenix Wright Jacket (Ace Attorney)

Apolo Justice Vest (Ace Attorney)

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