Animal Crossing: New Horizons Maple Leaf DIY Recipes

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 11:12 am

You can only collect Maple Leaves (and these recipes) for a limited time.

It’s the middle of fall for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players with islands in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means it’s time to catch some maple leaves!

Maple Leaves will appear on your island for a very limited time. According to Animal Crossing World, Maple Leaves will appear on islands in the Northern Hemisphere from November 16 to November 26, and on islands in the Southern Hemisphere from May 16 to May 26.

You can collect Maple Leaves by simply catching them with your net as they fall through the air.

These Maple Leaves can be used as ingredients in a variety of Maple Leaf-themed crafting recipes. The first time you login to New Horizons while Maple Leaves are falling, Isabelle will give you the first of these recipes — the Red-Leaf Pile — automatically.

The Red-Leaf Pile can be created using three Maple Leaves and four Clumps of Weeds.

Source: SuperParent

According to Animal Crossing World, there are nine Maple Leaf DIY recipes available to collect, (including the Red-Leaf Pile recipe), and you can collect these recipes by shooting balloons out of the sky during the limited amount of time that Maple Leaves are available.

Here are the other eight Maple Leaf-themed recipes and the items they require, according to Animal Crossing World.

  • Autumn Wall – 10 Maple Leaves, 5 Wood, 5 Clumps of Weeds
  • Colored-Leaves Flooring – 10 Maple Leaves, 15 Clumps of Weeds
  • Leaf Stool – 3 Maple Leaves, 3 Wood Maple
  • Leaf Pochette – 6 Maple Leaves
  • Maple-Leaf Pond Stone – 10 Stones, 3 Maple Leaves
  • Maple-Leaf Umbrella – 7 Maple Leaves
  • Tree’s Bounty Arch – 4 Pine Cones, 5 Acorns, 5 Maple Leaves, 15 Tree Branches
  • Tree’s Bounty Big Tree – 5 Pine Cones, 4 Acorns, 4 Maple Leaves, 8 Tree Branches, 4 Clay

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To learn more about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or to view the rest of our guides for the game, check out our previous coverage.

Disclosure: Nintendo gave SuperParent a code for Animal Crossing: New Horizons for coverage purposes. In addition, HyperX is a sponsor of SuperParent.

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