Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Acorns

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 9:31 am

Get ready to shake lots (and lots) of trees.

Update (09/02/20): GameWith updated its article to indicate players can find acorns for a longer period of time than what was originally listed. We’ve updated our article accordingly.

Original Story:

For Animal Crossing: New Horizons players with islands in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s officially Fall, which means acorns and pine cones are now up for grabs!

Acorns are a new crafting material that you can collect by shaking trees. Specifically, as GameWith pointed out, acorns can only be collected by shaking hardwood trees (not cedar trees).

According to GameWith, acorns are available to collect on islands in the Northern Hemisphere from September 1 to December 11, and on islands in the Southern Hemisphere from March 1 to June 11.

To find acorns, all you have to do is run up to hardwood trees and shake them. However, in our experience, acorns aren’t terribly common, and you’re much more likely to see tree branches, rather than acorns, fall from these trees.

Even so, if you keep shaking hardwood trees, you should eventually come across the number of acorns you need for crafting.

Here’s a tip you may want to keep in mind as you search for acorns: Since you’ll need to shake trees to collect these crafting materials, make sure to have your net ready before you shake each tree. If you approach a tree from the front and shake it (rather than from the side), you’ll be ready to quickly catch a wasp should one drop from the tree. That way, you won’t get stung!

To see this particular technique in action, check out our short gameplay clip below.

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