Animal Crossing New Horizons Data Mine: Redd, Gardening, Cafe, and Much More

Monday, April 20th, 2020 8:41 am

We really hope these features will be added to the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will (likely) be updated with an Earth Day event later this week, in keeping with Nintendo’s announcement that an Earth Day event would be added to the game in April. (Earth Day is April 22).

Before that, though, Polygon spotted a data mine of New Horizons that reveals all sorts of features that may or may not be headed to the game in the future.

When someone performs a “data mine” of a game, they’re looking “behind the scenes” at a game’s building blocks, or code, where players aren’t technically meant to go. However, this allows the community to learn about unused content in a game, or content that may be released in the future.

This particular data mine was shared by Twitter user Ninji, and it includes so many exciting things.

Here’s a quick summary. Before we begin, we want to reiterate that none of this content is guaranteed to actually go live in the game — it may remain in the background, unused, forever — but we can always hope that these features are added.

  • The museum has an art section, and Redd, the art dealer from previous Animal Crossing games, would be able to travel to your island by ship. The game also has a reference to the “fake art” mechanic. (In previous games, Redd would sell both fake and real art, and only authentic pieces could be donated to the museum.)
  • The museum looks to have two extra buildings: a shop and a cafe (the cafe also has a Gyroid section). This potentially could be where Brewster, the game’s barista, shows up.
  • The game contains information related to azalea, hibiscus, holly, hydrangea, camellia, and “osmathus” [sic] bushes
  • There’s information related to growing and picking crops: tomato, wheat, sugar cane, potato, carrot, and pumpkin
  • There’s an unused “Seafood” page in the game’s Critterpedia encyclopedia that has room for 33 items, one of which is the Manila Clam
  • A “3rd” Nook’s Cranny is mentioned in the game’s data, but there aren’t any details related to actually unlocking it
  • A diving feature is referenced, which would allow us to collect different kinds of fish and seaweed

While there’s no guarantee these features will be added to New Horizons, the art upgrade to the museum and the introduction of a cafe seem very likely, since the animals in New Horizons have talked about art and Brewster in their conversations.

If you want to see all of the details from the data mine, including some more in-depth information about the game’s actual code, check out Ninji’s Twitter thread.

Keep checking back with SuperParent, as we’ll let you know if any of these unreleased features are officialy added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Which of these features would you most like to see added to New Horizons? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @superparenthq.

Brandy Berthelson

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