Alto’s Adventure The Spirit of the Mountain on Apple Arcade: A SuperParent First Look

Monday, March 28th, 2022 8:56 am

Catch your llamas and perform tricks in this endless snowboarding game.

Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain is now available on Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription service that gives subscribers unlimited access to a curated selection of games for a single monthly price.

Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain is a remastered version of the original Alto’s Adventure video game, which was released in 2015. This updated version of the game includes a new character and more than 15 new goals to complete.

In Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain, players are challenged to retrieve their llamas that have broken out of a pen in the village at the top of a mountain. In each run of this endless snowboarding game, players are challenged to snowboard down the mountain for as long as they can without running into an obstacle, like a rock in the path, or falling into a chasm (players can jump off of ramps to clear large gaps in front of them).

Source: Snowman

Players can collect llamas by snowboarding through them. They can also collect coins in the path, as well as power-ups, like a magnet power-up that attracts nearby coins to them for a short time. Finally, players can perform tricks such as grinding on rooftops or doing backflips while in the air.

Players can continue snowboarding until they run into an obstacle, which ends the run.

Source: Snowman

As players progress through Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain, they can complete a series of goals that will cause them to level up. As a couple of examples, one goal may ask players to catch a certain number of llamas, while another may ask them to travel a certain distance in a single run without failing.

In between runs, players can use the coins they’ve collected to purchase items that can help them in future runs, including permanent upgrades for the game’s power-ups. Apple Arcade games don’t contain optional in-game purchases. This means players aren’t allowed to purchase coins. They can only earn coins by playing the game.

Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain is now available to download on Apple Arcade. The game has an age rating of 4+.

Check out some gameplay from Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain on iPhone in our video below.

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